Friday, September 28, 2012

On High Altitude Bread Making

Imagine my surprise and delight,
whilst reading, one idle night,
the manual for my wife’s Bread Maker,
to discover a page dedicated to the dare-devil baker
and the art of High Altitude Bread Making.
I confess I started shaking
as I tried to visualise the sight
of who would bake bread at such incredible height?

For what could be more glorious than feats of dough manipulation
And seeing your buns rise in a stratospheric conflagration
Making bread in a balloon, on a mountain top,
or perhaps on the wings of a vintage bi-plane
as it turned loops in the sky?
And how would you get your bread maker up there anyway?
And where you would plug it in it didn’t say.

Anyway, just so you know
At 900 metres the High Altitude Baker of Bread
Must use more salt, more water and less yeast
Suitable, presumably, for baking in stunt planes, balloons and sur la piste.


Poem by Jonathan Robinson (c) 2012
Based on a true story
Pics from here and here

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